Warm Human Greeting Cards Large Spinning Display

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This tower has the best of everything! It has attitude and soul, a modern voice. It includes: 34 6-packs of sexy, snarky and erotic greeting cards that are modern and fun. 6 each of our 17 styles of matching magnets with fantastic messaging (they are addictive!), 4 each of 5 trinket tray glass plates. 3 of them are are hilariously snarky, and the other 2 convey excellent messages as a gift for yourself or someone else. 4 sexy coffee table books called Passion Without Apology – it is the voice of whole line (sexy, snarky and soulful) the message being “don’t apologize for what you love, your appetite, for choosing your own path” it’s the voice of everyone who works in this industry. and finally 6 pairs of Red Flag Blinder, put them on and keep making bad life choices and entertaining your friends – hilarious! We ALL have someone we know who should have these!

*Empty Display is Drop Shipped from Vendor – Stock is Shipped from ECN*

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Dimensions 18 × 18 × 72 in