adult product data feeds

Product Data Feeds for Adult Toys

Data feeds help you populate your shopping cart, marketplace or database quickly. Our data feeds are updated daily ensuring the latest product offerings.

When you join you can request access to our product data feeds. These feeds include everything you’ll need to populate your web site, Online marketplace or auction site. Fill your Online store or marketplace with thousands of products in minutes!

Our data feeds are available in both comma separate value (.csv) and extensible markup language (.xml) formats to help you populate your shopping cart applications and Online marketplaces. Our data feeds are updated several times a day to ensure you have the latest product merchandise and inventory status.

Many popular shopping cart applications are designed to work with data feeds for initial product population and categorization. Every shopping cart is different in nature and programming so we suggest you check with software provider or product documentation for compatibility.

Product data feeds can also be useful for updating popular Online shopping marketplaces like Ebay, and Shopzilla. Our product data feeds help you create the feeds needed to populate many of these marketplaces.

Product Data Feeds include the following fields:

  • Item ID
  • Product Title
  • Product Description
  • Product SKU
  • Product UPC
  • Manufacturer
  • Standard Wholesale Price
  • Suggested Retail Price
  • Release Date
  • Stock Status
  • Product Weight
  • Product Dimensions
  • Primary Image URL
  • Secondary Image URL


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