Prowler RED Wrist Length Latex Gloves – XLarge – Black

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Discover the perfect blend of fetish and functionality with these wrist-length latex gloves.

Expertly crafted for a strong, stretchy fit, these gloves mold to your hands like a second skin, providing unparalleled comfort and ensuring ease in every movement. Featuring a flawless seamless finish, they radiate kink and style, effortlessly taking any attire to sexier levels. You’re bound to make a statement. For a smoother and more comfortable wear experience, these gloves can be used with powder or lubricant for effortless application. Use polish to buff these gloves with an eye-catching shine.

Our latex gloves are not just about allure, however, but are built to last, maintaining their structure and quality even with frequent use. 

Additional information

Weight -- lbs
Dimensions 10.25 × 6.25 × 1.25 in