Goddess Heat Up Rechargeable Silicone Bunny Massager – Lavender

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Introducing the Nasstoys Goddess Heat-Up Bunny Massager – a divine fusion of pleasure and innovation crafted to take your intimate moments to new heights. Elevate your experience with this uniquely designed, USB-rechargeable massager that blends heat and dual stimulation for unparalleled satisfaction. Bid farewell to batteries and welcome uninterrupted pleasure with the Goddess Heat-Up Bunny Massager. USB rechargeable for your convenience, ensuring you’re always ready for a spontaneous journey into ecstasy. Immerse yourself in the warmth of pleasure! The Goddess Heat-Up Bunny Massager goes beyond the ordinary by heating up, offering a sensual touch that aids in blood flow and relaxes the pelvic floor. Customize your pleasure with seven unique functions and dual motors that work in perfect harmony. Revel in dual stimulation with the rabbit-style design that targets both your internal and external pleasure zones simultaneously. Experience the ultimate freedom with hands-free pleasure. The flexible and bendable design of the Goddess Heat-Up Bunny Massager allows you to find the perfect angle for an indulgent and comfortable experience. The textured internal stimulator adds an extra layer of pleasure, providing tantalizing sensations with every movement. Surround your clit in a symphony of vibrations with the dual motor tip external stimulator. For those who seek versatility, the Goddess Heat-Up Bunny Massager is backdoor-safe, expanding your pleasure possibilities and allowing you to explore without limits.

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Weight - lbs
Dimensions 2.25 × 4.75 × 10.25 in