Blue Line Metal Tapered Butt Plug with Loop Hardware 2.5in – Stainless Steel

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Take your anal play to the next level with the Blue Line 2.5″ Stainless Steel Metal Tapered Butt Plug featuring Loop Hardware. This exquisite anal toy combines the sensual pleasure of stainless steel with a functional loop handle for added control and safety. The tapered design allows for easy insertion, while the loop ensures secure handling and easy retrieval. Crafted from body-safe stainless steel, it’s not only hygienic but also perfect for temperature play, offering a thrilling range of sensations. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced user, this 2.5″ stainless steel butt plug promises to enhance your anal adventures.

Additional information

Weight 2.5- lbs
Dimensions 3.93 × 2.6 × 6.75 in