Bedroom Bliss Love Cushion – Red

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Getting into the best position for you and your partner has never been easier! A little lift goes a long way with this lightweight, high-density foam cushion. Covered in a velvety soft outer layer and a water-resistant inner layer, it’s firm enough to lift you up and has enough softness to keep it sexy. Use it under your shoulders, chest, head, hips or knees to change the way you play! The petite size allows you to easily tuck it away or arrange into your existing bedroom pillows for storage. Both inner and outer pillow covers are machine washable, too!


Length: 13.75″
Width: 19″
Height: 6.5″

Materials: Velvet, PU Foam, Nylon, Resin (Zipper)

Color: Red

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Weight - lbs
Dimensions 6.69 × 15.35 × 6.69 in