Strict Scottish Tawse Whip – Black/Brown

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Torment your pupil or tease your submissive with this tawse whip! The split-end design was popular in Scottish schools as a form of discipline and punishment. Enjoy the detailed accents on the tails and handle of the flogger whip and the realistic look and feel of this vegan leather! It has a curved handle for easier grip and handling and a loop for hanging up when not in use. To clean it, spray with a toy cleaner and wipe it dry with a cloth. Hang it up to keep the leather from getting warped or bent.

“You’ve been very bad,” he says as he walks over to your table. “Bend over. You will learn discipline under my tutelage!” You stand up, bend over the desk, and lift up your shirt. “Count them.” he says, sternly. He begins to hit your backside, pausing in-between to hear you say, “One! Two ! Three!” and as you go on your voice quivers and shakes, your body is aching and you feel the intensity! You cry out in pain, “Mercy! Please! I’ve learned my lesson!” He lets you sit down again, and you feel the ache in your bottom. “You will do better next time, won’t you.” It wasn’t a question. It was a demand.


Overall length: 17.8 inches.
Overall width: 2.1 inches.
Tails are 0.25 inches thick

Materials: Vegan Leather

Color: Black, Brown

Key Features:

  • Scottish Design: This old-school tawse was used in Scottish schools as a form of discipline.
  • Split Tongue: The split tongue gives both a thuddy and stinging sensation as it lands twice.
  • Vegan Leather: Made out of realistic-looking vegan leather. Do not use with petroleum oils.
  • Curved Handle: Get a better grip with the curved handle.

Additional information

Weight - lbs
Dimensions 0.35 × 2.09 × 17.8 in