Erosense Aqua Lube 100 Each Per Bowl

Erosense Water is Sensuvas natural water-based personal moisturizer. It was important to create a personal moisturizer that felt natural, lasted a long time, and was truly healthy for the body. Erosense Water feels very similar to someones own personal lubrication. It is especially smooth feeling and hydrating to the skin, and it doesnt create the typical tackiness that most water-based personal moisturizers seem to have.

Erosense Water is an exceptional water-based formula that is made from a blend of healthy ingredients that are natural, organic, food-grade, EcoCert and EU certified. Erosense Water is pH balanced and free of glycerin and parabens. It is ideal for anyone, especially people with sensitivities.

– Feels the most like someones natural personal lubrication
– Soothing and moisturizing
– NoN-sticky or tacky
– Stays slippery for a long time
– Water uses a variety of healthy, natural, organic, food-grade,
– EcoCert, and EU certified ingredients
– Glycerin and paraben free
– pH balanced
– It can be reactivated with water or saliva
– Quick and easy clean up
– Non-staining
– Compatible with all toy and product materials
– Condom compatible & latex friendly

Weight 100 lbs
Dimensions 6.25 × 6.25 × 7 in


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